Flooded House? What to Do As You Wait for the Professionals

There's nothing worse than having your house flood due to a storm or broken plumbing pipes. You have so much to worry about at the same time. Your drywall, hardwood flooring and carpets may be damaged. Your furniture will be sitting in pools of water, while some of it may be soaked. You may be worried about getting electrocuted if your electrical devices have come into contact with water. The first step that you can take in such a case is to contact a company that offers cleaning and drying services. They will dry the home, clean everything, and carry out moisture control on furniture and furnishings to prevent mould growth. Meanwhile, you can take the following measures as you wait for their arrival.

Manage the source

It is paramount to take care of the cause of the floods to protect your home from extensive damage. If it is a plumbing pipe, turn off the water entirely until the pipe gets fixed. Do not attempt repairs, as they will most likely backfire. If a part of the structure is leaking after a storm, put a bucket underneath it to catch the water. Do what you can to contain the water as you wait for professional help. However, do not endanger your life in the process.

Open up the house

The presence of moisture in a room can encourage the growth of mould and mildew within a short period. This can get worse if the temperatures in your home are high. Open up the house immediately to allow circulation of air from the outside. Do this by opening the doors and windows. Airflow will lower humidity and discourage mould growth. If you have a dehumidifier and a safe, dry outlet to plug it into, use it to get rid of moisture in the air. However, don't risk running electrical appliances and compromising your safety. If the house is too flooded, switch off power at the mains and don't plug in any equipment.

Remove wooden furniture

Wooden furniture may be at high risk of damage when exposed to water. Untreated wood and plywood furniture will swell and attract mould when wet. If you have hands to help, remove the wooden furniture outside so that it can dry as the professionals come. If you have cabinets that are wet, open them up to allow air circulation. Since the wood tends to swell when wet, opening them will protect the doors from getting stuck as well.

Professional drying is the only way to restore your house, furniture and furnishings after a flood. Don't attempt DIY cleaning, as it can lead to moisture problems in the future.