3 Reasons to Have Your Office Building Pressure Washed

If your office building looks jaded and past its best, then you'll try to find a way to spruce it up. Depending on your wall materials, you may be able to use pressure washing to give the building a spring clean. What are the benefits of doing this? 1. Keep a Professional Appearance Over time, the outside of your building will get covered in dirt, dust and sometimes contaminants like algae and mould.

Tips on Leather Upholstery Cleaning and Care

Genuine leather upholstery exudes elegance, sophistication and a warm and welcoming feel. Also, particularly when used as upholstery, it adapts to the weather and your body temperature, keeping cool in the summer and warm over winter. These attributes, however, don't come cheaply. High-quality leather upholstery is quite expensive, thus requires the utmost care.  The following are tips on leather upholstery cleaning and care. Avoiding Stains Being a natural material, leather tends to absorb liquids, including dyes, leading to staining.

How To Get Rid of Mud Grime From Your Rugs

When you have kids or pets running around your home, you can expect them to drag mud into your house and carpets more often than you like. The trick is to try and tackle the mud stains as quickly as you can to prevent it from setting into the rug. This step-by-step rug cleaning guide is intended to help you eliminate mud grime from your carpets. 1. Scrape the mud from the carpet

Basic Move-Out Cleaning Tools You Need to Get Started

When it comes time to move out of a home or office space, you often need to leave the space clean. This is especially true when you had rented the area and you need to leave it in good condition. It's always advisable to seek professional move-out cleaning services after you remove your furniture. These professionals can carry out a thorough cleaning and remove those stubborn stains. You can always start off the cleaning process yourself to reduce the burden of work and extra costs you would otherwise incur from professional cleaners.

Flooded House? What to Do As You Wait for the Professionals

There's nothing worse than having your house flood due to a storm or broken plumbing pipes. You have so much to worry about at the same time. Your drywall, hardwood flooring and carpets may be damaged. Your furniture will be sitting in pools of water, while some of it may be soaked. You may be worried about getting electrocuted if your electrical devices have come into contact with water. The first step that you can take in such a case is to contact a company that offers cleaning and drying services.