Tips For Marketing a Newly Developed Property

Many Australians are involved in property development nowadays. Although it is fair to say that most people who are engaged in developing properties don't build from scratch, there is a large proportion of people who convert a building to a new use, add an extension or renovate an older building to maximise its sale potential. Of course, anyone who is adding to the size and scope of their own home as well as carrying out building maintenance works is also developing their property. When you have recently undertaken repair works, extension construction or a renovation project, it can be the best possible time to sell when all of the new works are brand new. What should you do to help get your property in the best possible condition to put it on the market?

Keep Interior Decorating Simple

If you have fitted a new kitchen to a property in preparation for a sale, then the best thing to do is to opt for sensible, but reasonably plain units. Buyers tend to prefer a home that is something of a blank canvas rather than something that reflects your sense of style. Remember that striking design touches will put some people off, so choose calm tones for your interior décor and avoid bright colour schemes. When choosing a paint finish, magnolia or plain white is often the best choice as these colours will make your redecorated and redeveloped property feel homey and ready for the new owners to make their own mark.

Make Good on Extension and Renovation Works

Half-finished building works put buyers off even if you have got most of the hard activities, like ground works, completed. People just tend to think that there is some unseen problem waiting for them around the corner should they buy a home with incomplete building works. Even if an extension or a renovated room has not been decorated yet, then at least make sure that it is habitable. Hire a professional cleaning firm to do a builder's clean so that unwanted things like brick dust, plaster and sawdust is removed fully. It can be just what you need to sell your property quickly.

Get on the Market Early

Generate interest in your development by putting it on the market even before you have finished it. Marketing a property which is not yet ready for sale can promote a great deal of interest from potential buyers. By the time your real estate agent has found a buyer for the home and made suitable mortgage arrangements, your development could be ready for sale which means that unwanted delays can often be avoided. Ideally, this will allow you to progress to your next development project after having turned in a healthy profit on this one.