Considerations to Make When Hiring a Builders Cleaning Company

After a home renovation project, it is likely that your house will be covered in dust, dirt and debris. Hiring a professional cleaning company to do a builders clean is an easy way to ensure that the property is clean before selling the house to a client or before you begin any interior design. This is especially important not only to remove dirt that could stick to fresh paint or delay decorating; but also it to reduce the risk of any health and safety concerns, particularly from particle inhalation. Whilst the majority of the heavy cleaning would have been done during a between builders clean, this service is about the final touches--similar to a rental house clean just before moving out.

1. What Do They Clean?

When doing a builders clean, a company will firstly remove any remaining dust and debris to ensure that it doesn't get distributed around the property. They may remove stains left by paint or filler that have marked the walls or floor, and they will polish any metal fixtures. If your outdoor area is dirty because of a skip, then they may wash your patio slabs and clean exterior windows. 

2. Are They Qualified?

Always check with the company you plan to hire to to see whether they have any qualifications that show that they are capable of using hazardous materials. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment demonstrates that an individual has been trained to do so. Also being part of an organisation such as the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) will demonstrate that they have access to online learning to enhance their skills and access to legal information regarding work contracts and employment law. Having a competent contractor who is qualified and well informed will reduce any health and safety risks and ensure they are able to clean to the highest standard. 

3. How Much?

It entirely depends on the size of the job required and the individual company being used as to how expensive or cheap the service will be. Any respectable company will carry out a full risk assessment prior to taking on any contract as a requirement for their own insurance purposes. It is from here that they should be able to offer a quote and give you a rough indication of how long the job will take. 

Different companies may combine different services and offer discounts if these are combined; however, it is always important to talk to them first and establish how they can support you.