Waste Reduction Tips for Hospitals

Proper commercial waste management in hospital settings is very essential because hospitals operate as health care provision centres. A comprehensive approach to recycling waste material is often one of the best ways to ensure that waste is managed efficiently. When the waste stream of a hospital is analysed, the biggest culprit of waste is often paper. This includes paper of various forms, ranging from cardboard and office paper to paper towels. It is important for hospital administrators to be aware of some of the most effective methods for waste reduction. Here are a few effective ways to help hospitals get rid of their waste in an efficient manner.


Many hospitals have the ability to lessen waste by having a better handle of ordering practices. This means that if hospitals make sure that materials are only ordered when needed and that items do not perish in any way, it is possible to limit some waste.

Refillable Drums

It is also possible to manage waste more effectively by altering the types of cleaning products that are used. Making an effort to use cleaning substances that come in large refillable drums is ideal. This makes it possible to lessen the amount of waste related to plastic bottles. You can refill the cleaning containers using concentrated solutions that the cleaning staff mix on their own. It is also possible to use mop heads that are designed to be washable. This is the superior type to mop heads that are disposable. Making these minor changes to the types of cleaning products that are used can bring about big chatnge in total.


Medical waste is something that needs to be correctly disposed of in a hospital setting. This means that specific containers need to be labeled and placed around the hospital to make disposing of medical waste efficient. It is important to consider placement of these containers in relation to where sinks are located. Having medical waste containers near sinks is not ideal because it encourages some employees to place paper towels within these containers. In order to ensure that only medical waste is disposed of in these containers, they should be placed away from sinks where paper towels are not as accessible.

Reusable Canisters

It is also possible to begin using reusable suction canisters within hospital settings to reduce waste and ensure that some liquid wastes are flushed directly to the sewer. This will cut back on the amount of canisters that you purchase for medical waste disposal each year.