Considerations to get the most out of your cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning service for your home is a way for you to save time and to make sure you get the best cleaning possible. Professional cleaners know what to do to make your house as clean and free of harmful substances that could damage your health. You'll also get the benefit from having cleaning products chosen by professionals, which can preserve your house and its furniture for longer. To be able to get the best possible service from the cleaning firm you're hiring, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Cleaning before the cleaner shows up might sound counterproductive to the saving of time you want to achieve by hiring a cleaner to begin with. However, there are some things that the cleaner is not obliged to do, like moving furniture. To make sure your whole house gets cleaned, you could move around furniture every now and then so the cleaner gets into all spaces in your house. Also make sure to pick up things from the floor so that the cleaner doesn't have to clean around a lot of small things that are just taking up space. Consider using a box where you can just put things before the cleaner arrives so they don't take up space on the floor nor the shelves.

Leaving them to it

Be aware of the fact that the cleaner works on a tight schedule. It's very possible they have multiple more houses to clean on the same day that they are cleaning yours. If you are in your house while they are cleaning it, you should keep your distance. It might feel impolite to not make small talk or offer the cleaner a drink, but they might benefit more from you just letting them do their job. You can however put out a drink and a snack for them in the kitchen, with a note saying it's theirs. This might also be a good way to leave tip.


Finally, you should make sure you communicate with your cleaner clearly. The first time they come to your house, you should walk them through your house and specifically state what things you need to be cleaned and in what way you prefer to have them cleaned. Maybe you have a pet or two that sleeps in a particular part of the house where it needs to be cleaned more often than in other parts. Trust their expertise, but do provide them with information about your specific needs. You could also provide them with a written list of these specifications to make it easier for the cleaner to remember them.