Tips to Keep In Mind When Steam Cleaning a Mattress to Kill Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are some of the most resilient pests that can infest your mattress. However, you can steam clean your mattress in order to eliminate these creatures. This article discusses some helpful tips that will enable you to put an end to the bedbugs without losing your mattress in the process.

Avoid High Pressure Bursts of Steam

When steam exits the steamer under very high pressure, it can scatter the bugs that are hiding inside your mattress. The scattered bedbugs will survive the steam and will live on to reproduce. Use the lowest pressure setting on your steam cleaner so that the steam delivers killing heat to the bedbugs in the mattress.

Use a Large Steam Head

Your steam-cleaning machine has several steam heads that the supplier provided when you bought the machine. Use the largest steam head available, instead of a small one. A small steam head will scatter the bedbugs in the same way that high pressure will. The large steam head delivers the super-hot steam to the bugs within its scope, and all will be killed.

Regulate the Speed of Movement

Be deliberately slow as you use the steam cleaner to rid your mattress of bedbugs. That slow action (of moving the steam head over the mattress) will ensure that each part you pass the steam head over will be effectively covered by the hot steam. Quick passes can make it possible for some bedbugs to survive the intense heat since the heat will pass quickly over them.

Repeat the Cleaning Exercise

It is possible that some bedbugs will survive the first cleaning exercise you conduct. Those bedbugs may reproduce, and the infestation will reach the level it was before you steam cleaned the mattress. You can prevent this from happening by repeating the cleaning activity after a few days so that the surviving bedbugs are also killed. Three or four steam cleaning sessions may be sufficient to free your mattress of all the bedbugs that had made it their home.

Bedbugs in your mattress may mean that the pests have already infested other parts of your room or home. It is therefore advisable for you to call pest control professionals to handle the problem. You can then use the steam cleaning technique as an additional measure to make sure that your mattress is completely free from these troublesome pests. If you prefer, you can also contact a professional business to steam clean your mattress.