Important Reminders When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Home

Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your home can give you the free time you need to spend with family or just rest and relax, and it can also mean a more thorough, deep cleaning every time the company visits. Commercial cleaners may use products only available to commercial companies and may be more experienced in how to clean and sanitize a home. While this type of company can be very beneficial for your home, note a few important reminders for when you're ready to hire them or have already signed a contract with them.

1. Put valuables away

While most commercial cleaning companies perform background checks on their workers and are very reliable and dependable, you still want to put away your valuables and especially smaller items. Even if you can rely on a commercial cleaning crew in your home, putting away those valuables will ensure that there are no suspicions of theft or accidents that might happen. For example, if a cleaner is dusting your dresser and accidentally knocks over a ring box and doesn't notice it, you may assume they stole the ring when it's actually sitting behind your dresser. By putting things away, you know they'll be secure and will reduce the risk of accidents like these.

2. Talk to them about allergies and sensitivities

If you've never had your home cleaned by a commercial cleaning company, you may not realize what it's like to smell bleach, pine cleaner, and other such cleansers when they're done. You may be allergic to certain cleaners or may not appreciate the odor, so be sure you discuss this with the crew before work begins. The commercial cleaning company may be able to switch to eco-friendly cleansers that are easier on you, or you might ask that they keep windows open and fans running while cleaning so the fumes are less noticeable at the end of the day.

3. Ask about lead times for cancellations and special visits

If you need to schedule an extra visit for the holidays or for when you're expecting company to your home, don't assume you can tell the commercial cleaners at the last minute and they'll just be able to accommodate. The company may have a very full schedule, especially around the holidays, or their workers may already have a full-time schedule and cannot simply come out to your home for an additional visit in the month. If you need to cancel your services, you may also be required to give a certain notice so you're not charged a fee, so be sure you understand this as well.

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